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Few people can work hard all day, collapse into bed and immediately fall asleep. We generally need to wind down a bit. For some of us, this might mean taking a hot bath; for others, reading a book or watching TV. Our kids are the same way.

Shaken baby syndrome is a term used to describe the damage caused when a baby is shaken.

How do you fit homework into a busy family schedule?

Wherever there are children, there are bullies.

Are you tired of hearing your children begging and pleading for everything from toys to candy?

8 Ways To Positively Cope With Difficult Behavior

Do you know what could happen to your child if left alone in a car?

Positive stories about teens rarely make it into the headlines. But believe it or not, nine in 10 teens do not get into trouble. Do we hear about those in the news?

Many parenting techniques can not only damage the parent-child relationship but lower children’s self-esteem too.

Is your teen giving you problems? At times such problems escalate seemingly to the point of no return. Here\'s help.