Who are foster caregivers?

Foster caregivers are concerned individuals who are willing to provide for the needs of our community’s children temporarily in their home. They must willing give of themselves without expecting children to give back to them.It is challenging to be a foster caregiver, but it is not without its rewards.

Foster caregivers must be willing to work as a team with the child’s family, the child’s primary caseworker, and the child’s foster care worker.Foster caregivers provide food, guidance, acceptance, understanding and support for children when they are away from their family and surroundings.

Could you make a difference in a child’s life?There are many reasons to accept a teen into a foster home. The best reason is when you realize you have helped a youth through the most difficult stages of his/her life.

What are the qualifications of a foster caregiver?

Foster caregivers must be at least 21 years of age. A single person or couple can apply. The individual(s) must provide an income statement to reflect the foster caregiver’s income is sufficient to meet the basic needs of the household plus have sufficient income to meet the financial needs of his/her own family. The home must meet the requirements of safety and health as set by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Foster caregivers must be in good physical, emotional and mental condition.All the adults in the home must complete physical examinations and complete local, state and federal background checks. A homestudy and 36 hours of pre-service training are required of each applicant prior to receiving certification to care for foster children in his/her home. The pre-service training is provided two times a year at Washington County Children Services and the pre-service schedules from surrounding areas are also available.

What financial assistance is provided to foster caregivers?

Foster caregivers are paid a board rate to reimburse the family for food, shelter, clothing and miscellaneous expenses. Medical costs for children in foster care are typically covered through the Ohio Medicaid programs.

Are foster caregivers needed in Washington County?

Every community and neighborhood in Washington County needs more individuals and families willing to care for the county’s most vulnerable children. Keeping children close to home and school is a priority. Caregivers are needed for children of all ages. There is a special need for caregivers who are willing to accept school-age children, sibling groups and teens.

Many children who need foster care have brothers or sisters. Imagine how you might feel if you and your brother or sister had to be removed from your parents, but you had to also be separated from each other because the foster parents couldn’t take both?

Washington County Children Services shall not deny any person the opportunity to become a foster or adoptive parent on the basis of race, color or national origin of that person or of the child involved; nor delay the placement of a child for adoption on the basis of race, color or national origin of the adoptive parent or parents or of the child involved.

For more information on the Foster Care Program, please contact Sabrina Buchanan or Tonya Kidder at 740-373-3485.