Who can adopt?

> You can be single or married.

> You may rent or own your home.

> You need to be at least 18-years-old.

> You need to be emotionally mature and able to provide a child unconditional love, security and nurturance.

> You need to complete a 36-hour pre-service training course.

> You must provide an income statement to reflect the foster caregiver’s income is sufficient to meet the basic needs of the household.

Does it cost to adopt?

Washington County Children Services is a public agency; therefore, there are no fees for the adoption services. Fees may be incurred by the adoptive family for legal and court fees related to the adoption finalization.

Adoptive parents will have access to subsidy information, training and pre- & post- placement services.

Could you make a difference in a child's life? There are many reasons to adopt a teen. The best reason is when you realize you have helped a youth through the most difficult stages of his/her life.

Children who wait the longest for adoptive families include African American children, those over the age of 10, and sibling groups. Children available for adoption in Washington County can be seen on the Children Waiting page of this website.

Washington County Children Services shall not deny any person the opportunity to become a foster or adoptive parent on the basis of race, color or national origin of that person or of the child involved; nor delay the placement of a child for adoption on the basis of race, color or national origin of the adoptive parent or parents or of the child involved.

For more information about how to become an adoptive parent, please contact Tami Downs at 740-373-3485.