Diversion has two primary objectives: addressing screened out reports and pre-intent to place orders from Washington County Juvenile Court/Washington County Juvenile Center.  Washington County Children Services (WCCS) receives numerous reports of abuse/neglect/dependency each day regarding youths in the community.  Many reports must be screened out by the Intake/Assessment unit to remain in compliance with state directed guidelines.  On occasion, information is reported to WCCS which does not meet the ‘screen in’ criteria, yet offers enough information to cause significant concern for the safety of the child(ren) in the report.  A decision is made by the Assessment Unit Supervisor or designee to refer the report for Diversion services.  At that point, the Assessment Unit Supervisor and Diversion Specialist make a decision as to whether the report should be accepted or denied. The Diversion Specialist makes contact with the family to assess the validity of the allegations and offer voluntary services.  At that time, the family is provided with assistance on matters which they identify as needs or they are referred to a more appropriate and qualified agency. 
The Diversion Specialist also receives referrals from the Washington County Juvenile Center (WCJC) and Washington County Juvenile Court Probation Department.  These cases have been identified by Judge Williams or other court officials as a likely future placement with WCCS  due to conditions within the family home or behaviors of the child(ren).  To protect these children, Judge Williams can place them into the Temporary Custody (TC) of WCCS.  If this is done, they are placed into the least restrictive setting possible, such as traditional foster care homes, therapeutic foster care homes or group homes.  Once these cases are referred to the Diversion Specialist, contact is made with the Case Manager from WCJC or the Probation Officer. When the concerns of the court are known, the Diversion Specialist makes contact with the family to relay the information.  The Diversion Specialist provides case management and information/referral services to the family.  Services may include general counseling, drug/alcohol counseling, anger management counseling, or parenting skills classes. 
At any point in which the Diversion Specialist observes or receives any information which would constitute a report of abuse/neglect/dependency, the information must be reported to the Intake/Assessment Unit.