The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed as part of a national effort to end discrimination.  Other federal and state laws have added to this effort.

Discrimination is unfair treatment - to be for or against someone unfairly - based on age, sex, race or color.  It also could be based on religion, disability, ancestry or country of birth.

The state of Ohio knows discrimination can cause pain and hardship. The state guards the civil rights of people who apply for its services.

U.S. and Ohio laws say that public and private agencies getting federal money must give fair service to all.  These agencies can't refuse, limit or stop services because of discrimination.

ODHS and the local county agencies get federal money.  They must not discriminate.

Together with ODHS, the local county agencies run many programs.  All persons and agencies who provide goods and services through those programs must not discriminate.  These goods and services include health care.

Different programs may have different rules.  Discrimination is against the law for all programs using federal money.

If you feel you or your family's civil rights have been violated, please contact the Civil Rights Coordinator for Washington County Children Services at 740-373-3485.

Ohio Bureau Civil Rights, 866-277-6353