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Why are Adoptive Parents needed?

In some cases, the needs of the birth family are so great that the children are not able to return home safely and the agency is granted permanent custody of the children.  Adoptive parents are needed so that the children will be able to grow up in stable, loving and permanent homes. 

Long, long ago, in eternity past, it was determined that there would be a beautiful braid made of shining ribbons: a braid woven in the secret places, a braid called "adoption."  Each ribbon was a different color.  One of the deepest of purples, another richest of greens, and the third the most vibrant of reds.  Each ribbon had a purpose, each a vital contribution, and each a unique position with the other two ribbons.

The green represents the birth family and their deep, yet often forgotten, contribution to the adoptee's life.  The purple ribbon represents the adoptive family, chosen to nurture that God-given gift of life passed on from the birth family.  The red ribbon represents the adoptee, a unique weaving together of nature and nurture into one marvelous human being, with awesome potential.

The challenge for an adoptee is to learn how to braid the green, purple, and red ribbons.  This is not a small task.  However, the more they know about both biological and adoptive families, whether the knowledge is positive or negative, the greater their potential for growth.

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For more information about how to become an adoptive parent, please contact Tami McBride at 740-373-3485.