All children placed in the custody of Washington County Children Services (WCCS) have the following rights:

1.     The right to enjoy freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

2.     The right to reasonable enjoyment of privacy. 

3.     The right to have his or her opinions heard and be included, to the greatest extent possible, when any decisions are being made affecting his or her life.

4.     The right to receive appropriate and reasonable adult guidance, support and supervision. 

5.     The right to be free from physical abuse and inhumane treatment.

6.     The right to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation. 

7.     The right to receive adequate and appropriate medical care.

8.     The right to receive adequate and appropriate food, clothing and housing. 

9.     The right to own money and personal property in accordance with the child’s service or case plan.

10.  The right to live in clean, safe surroundings. 

11.  The right to participate in an appropriate educational program.

12.  The right to communicate with family, friends and “significant others” from whom he or she is living apart, in accordance with the child’s service plan. 

13.  The right to be taught to fulfill appropriate responsibilities to himself and others.

Each child entering foster care will be informed of their rights and will be provided with a brochure, “If you live in foster care you have rights.”