All children have the right to a permanent, safe and healthy place to live, and to receive support and nurturing.

In addition, you have the right:

  • To be treated with courtesy and respect
  • To be spoken to in words that you understand
  • To ask questions and make your ideas known
  • To hear and talk about your strengths, family risks and safety issues
  • To take part in talking about, developing and reviewing your case plan
  • To decide whether to receive services and to know the possible consequences if you choose not to participate in services
  • To decide whether or not to take part in surveys; if you decide not to do so, there will be no consequences
  • To complain about the way you or your children have been treated, or about concerns you have
  • To have those complaints looked into, and to get an answer
  • To seek legal advice
  • To review parts of your record

Please request a review form from our receptionist or your caseworker.