Emergency Shelter: Children Services provides emergency shelter care services through certified foster homes.  All homes are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for children 0 to 18 years of age.  Community resources are sought for emergency shelter for families when removal of the child can be prevented by alternative housing for the family until situations can be properly addressed or corrected.

Unmarried Parent Services: Children Services provides social services to any unmarried girl or woman who is pregnant or has had a child. Individuals requesting this service receive counseling and supportive services which are determined in cooperation with the mother. The agency assists in obtaining prenatal and postnatal care, securing any financial aid which may be available, and obtaining legal advice/information regarding parental rights and responsibilities. Other referrals are made, as needed, to community resources for the benefit of the mother and child.

Emergency Child Placement Services: It is the goal of the agency to preserve the family unit whenever possible. At times, however, it becomes necessary to remove children from their homes for the protection of the child due to imminent risk or significant safety concerns. In order for a child to be removed from their home and placed in the emergency custody of Children Services, a law enforcement officer must execute a law enforcement removal or an ex-parte court order must be received from the Juvenile Court Judge.The next business day, the Court conducts an emergency shelter care hearing to determine if just cause exists to continue the child in the temporary custody of Children Services and/or if other temporary orders are warranted.

General Counseling Services: General counseling is provided as necessary by agency staff members to children and families on their caseloads. When professional counseling is identified as recommended individuals are referred to local counseling resources.

Theraputic Counseling Services: Children Services directly provides specialized counseling for victims and offenders of sexual abuse. (See Private Violence Project.)

Adoption Services: Adoption services are for adults in Washington County seeking children and for children in the permanent custody of Children Services seeking families. The agency has an Adoption/Foster Care Department to address any and all needs of adoption. The agency is linked statewide by a computer system to match families by various programs of eligibility. People desiring to adopt children through the agency must complete necessary requirements to become eligible to adopt. Children available for adoption by Children Services must be in the permanent custody of Children Services, making them legally free for adoption.